Who. What. Why.

Why and What

To help re-interpret the African identity.
Using design, we are telling stories, good-and-bad, of what has been and what could be.
Wasted potential.
Dancing with a bunch of people.
We feel that Africa is underrepresented in the Apparel market. Awareness of African nations only happens when there is conflict. Tiny but relevant nations like Seychelles should have their stories told – during good and bad times.
People want to feel important. We want to make you feel important.


Bala Peterson

Bala Peterson is a freelance Project Manager and Software Engineer who lives in Reading, PA. Bala is married to Laly, and they have two intense little boys, Tolu and Tobi. During the day, Bala manages the freelance collective at Cast & Crew

Obinna Elechi

Obinna Elechi is an architectural designer currently based in New York City. He is also the co-founder of the Bureau of Architecture & Design.

Adaeze Elechi

Adaeze Elechi is a writer and a documentary filmmaker. Her stories have appeared in Guernica Magazine, aired on NPR, and her films have screened at various international film festivals including the St. Louis International Film Festival. She lives in Brooklyn.

Rhym Guissé

Rhym Guissé is a Malian-Algerian film actress and model. She spent her childhood traveling the world and furthering her natural acting talents with choral singing, ballet dance classes and theatre. The efforts soon paid off when a few years after college Rhym was cast in her first independent film, “La Méduse Rouge,” a French noir film. She’s spoken on panels for actors, such as Actorsfest and is a monthly contributor for the Los Angeles online magazine ‘Ms. In The Biz.’


If you are connecting with what we are doing here, and you have stories, design, or anything that you feel is complimentary, we would love to meet you and work with you.
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